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Success Health Fitness Program

  • Low cost Weight Loss Fitness Plans
  • Personal interest in YOUR success
  • Meal Planning to accommodate Fitness Plans
  • Online Video Fitness Instruction at no extra charge
  • Weekly Video Conferences for coaching and guidance
  • Weight/Fitness Maintenance Plans to  prevent regaining lost Weight

Most Typical Gyms

  • Costly Financial Contracts
  • No Diet Planning to accommodate Exercise.
  • Group Exercise classes often run by non- certified inexperienced instructors.
  • No accountability  in your Weight Loss success or failure.
  • Mostly a Social Club meeting atmosphere

Weight Loss Centers

  • Weekly visits for "Shots & Pills"
  • No Weight Loss Coaching
  • Only see Licensed Medical person one time during your first visit.
  • No coaching for long term results including Fitness or Diet.
  • Very high Weight Regain Rate.